We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 82nd Annual Session of the Indian Roads Congress, taking place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from December 2nd to 5th. At Sripath® and Bitpath®, we take pride in our strong partnerships in India and are excited to contribute to the nation’s rapidly advancing roadway infrastructure. This event will feature our very own Deepak Madan delivering two presentations that highlight our commitment to innovation in the Indian roadbuilding industry.

Catch Dr. Madan’s insights on these topics during Technical Session 5 on Saturday, December 2nd :

  1. Improving Rutting Resistance with Bitumen-Friendly PGXpand® Polymer
  2. Utilizing High-RAP Mixes with ReLIXER® Rejuvenator

While at the conference, connect with a member of the Sripath and Bitpath team to discuss how our innovative products are shaping the future of Indian asphalt pavements:

ReLIXER®: Our bio-oil asphalt rejuvenator that optimizes high-RAP roadway performance

PGXpand®: Our bitumen-friendly polymeric additive that enhances rutting resistance and temperature grade

Customers across India and around the world rely on Sripath and Bitpath products to improve performance, cut costs, and meet emissions goals.

For any questions or to arrange a meeting, please contact Sachin Raje at sraje@bitpath.co.in or Deepak Madan at dmadan@sripath.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Gandhinagar!

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